After Naruto Timeline

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Events AN (After Naruto).

0 AN
19 January - Gaara is born.
23 January - Aburame Shino is born.
28 March - Haruno Sakura is born.
1 May - Akimichi Chouji is born.
7 July - Inuzuka Kiba is born.
23 July - Uchiha Sasuke is born.
22 September - Nara Shikamaru is born.
23 September - Yamanaka Ino is born.
10 October - Uzumaki Naruto is born. The Kyuubi is defeated. Yondaime is killed.
27 December - Hyuuga Hinata is born.

3 AN
27 December - Hyuuga Hinata turns 3. Hyuuga Neji, as a member of the Hyuuga Branch House, receives the Hyuuga Bunke Juinjutsu.
30 December - Konohamaru is born.
Sinobi Gashir of the Hidden Cloud attempts to abduct Hyuuga Hinata.
Hyuuga Hizashi is killed in place of Hyuuga Hiyashi.
The Cloud and the Leaf achieve peace.

5 AN
7 March - Hyuuga Hanabi is born.

~5 AN - 3 AN
Uchiha Itachi Joins Akatsuki

8 AN
9 June - Uchiha Itachi turns 13.
June ~ July - The Uchiha clan is slaughtered by Uchiha Itachi.
23 July - Uchiha Sasuke turns 8.

9 AN
7 July - Akamaru is born.

11 AN
October - Rock Lee, Hyuuga Neji, and Tenten graduate from the academy.
Unknown - Deidara is recruited into Akatsuki By Itachi Kisame and Sasori
12 AN
10 October - Uzumaki Naruto turns 12.

Series start.

12 AN
15 October -The Konoha Rookie Nine, including Uzumaki Naruto, officially graduate from the Academy.

13 AN
March~May: Team 7 is ordered to escort and assist Tazuna. Haku and Zabuza are fought and killed.

1 July - Chuunin Written Exam is held.
2 July - Chuunin Field Exam in the Forest of Death begins.
3 July - Orochimaru attacks Sasuke, and marks him with the Tenfuuin.
4 July - Fight with Dosu Kinuta and his team.
7 July - Chuunin Field Exam ends. Preliminary Chuunin Tournament is held. Zaku Abumi and Kin Tsuchi are killed.

July ~ August - Dosu Kinuta is killed. Gekkou Hayate is killed. Uzumaki Naruto learns to summon Gamabunta.

11 August - Chuunin tournament is held. Sandaime Sarutobi is killed.
13 August - Sandaime Sarutobi's funeral is held.
~27 August - Itachi and Kisame arrive in Konoha. Jiriaya and Naruto leave to find Tsunade. Kakashi and Sasuke put into comas from Itachi's Tsukiyomi.
28 August - Naruto begins training the Rasengan
29 August - Morning - Naruto completes part one of training; begins part two.
30 August - Naruto completes part two of training. Tanzaku Castle Destroyed by Orochimaru. Naruto begins part three of training. Naruto accepts Tsunade's challenge.

6 September - Sannin fight occurs. Naruto first uses the Rasengan.
7 September - Tsunade arrives in Konoha, officially becomes Godaime Hokage. Shikamaru promoted to Chuunin.
8 September - Naruto and Sasuke fight on the rooftop. Sasuke invited to join Sound. Sasuke leaves with the Sound Four.
9 September - Team Shikamaru forms, begins "rescue Sasuke" mission. Lee undergoes surgery. Chouji and Neji's battles occur.
10 September - Kimimaro appears and the remainder of fights occur. Sasuke and Naruto fight at the Valley of the End. Chouji and Neji undergo surgery. Sakura begins training under Tsunade.

December - Naruto leaves Konoha to train with Jiraya.

15 AN
3 July - Hyuuga Neji turns 16.
7 July - Inuzuka Kiba turns 15.
23 July - Uchiha Sasuke turns 15.
23 August - Temari turns 18. (Sweet.)
15 September - Hatake Kakashi turns 29.
22 September - Nara Shikamaru turns 15.
23 September - Yamanaka Ino turns 15.
10 October - Uzumaki Naruto turns 15.
27 November - Rock Lee turns 17.
27 December - Hyuuga Hinata turns 15.
30 December - Konohamaru turns 12.

16 AN
1 January - Maito Gai turns 30.
19 January - Gaara turns 16.
23 January - Aburame Shino turns 16.
9 March - Tenten turns 17.
28 March - Haruno Sakura turns 16.
1 May - Akimichi Chouji turns 16.
15 May - Kankuro turns 18.
26 May - Umino Iruka turns 29.
9 June - Uchiha Itachi turns 21.

Note: Dates for this part are hard to find. For now I will organise them by month only. They will remain in order of occurance.

During Time skip.

All Konoha rookie 9 except Naruto become Chunin.
Neji, Kankuro and Temari become Junin.
Gaara becomes Kazekage.
Nagato (pain)Kills Hanzo the Salamander and assumes control of Rain.

16 AN

June -Naruto Returns to Konoha.
Sasori and Deidara invade Hidden Sand. Deidara captures Gaara.
Ichibi extracted, killing Gaara.
Team 7 and Team Gai travel to River Country, fight against 30% Itachi/Kisame.
Sakura and Chiyo defeat and kill Sasori. Kakashi and Naruto defeat Deidara and save Gaara. Grandma Chiyo sacrifices herself to revive Gaara.
Sai Introduced. The new team 7 Travels to Grass Country to meet Sasori's Spy, Naruto Vs Orochimaru. Naruto goes K4.
Confrontation with Sasuke. Naruto is shocked and upset by Sasukes growth.

July -
Sarutobi Asuma killed in battle against Hidan.
Naruto Learns Fuuton. Battle against Hidan and Kakuzu.
Shikamaru defeats Hidan alone.
Naruto uses FRS in combat for the first time. Naruto and Kakashi defeat Kakuzu.

August -
Hoshigaki Kisame Captures Yonbi.
Sasuke absorbs Orochimaru. Forms team Taka and begins to track down Itachi.
Sasuke fights Deidara. Deidara is killed.
Teams 7 and 8 leave to track down Itachi. Teams 7 and 8 battle Tobi.
Naruto confronts Itachi alone and receives Itachi's 'Gift'
Sasuke and Itachi Fight. Itachi is killed.
Sasuke and Taka join Madara and Akatsuki
Jiraiya leaves Konoha to search for Akatsuki leader. Is killed in battle against Pain. Leaves coded message for Naruto.

September - Naruto learns Senjutsu from the Toads. Nagato (Pain) Invades Konoha.
Naruto defeats Pain. Nagato revives the fallen, using the last of his chakra and killing himself.
Sasuke and Taka fight Killerbee. Killerbee fakes defeat and escapes.

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